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Bellarmine Prep 20 Camas 13
Photo by Paul Caldwell

Tumwater 42 Fife 24
Photo by Paul Caldwell

Federal Way 23 Union (Vancouver) 14
Photo by Greg Carbaugh

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This site will strive to provide Prep Sports Photos from all across the State of Washington.
WPS works by giving amateur and professional photographers a place to post, or link to sports photos they want to share or sell.
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Photo Links for  ( Fall Sports / November ) 2014
Note: Photos for previous months are in the 
Date Posted Event Photographer
11-18-14 Soccer - Columbia River 5 Holy Names 0 Max Aquino
11-17-14 Soccer - Columbia River vs. Bishop Blanchet Max Aquino
11-17-14 Soccer - Columbia River vs. Sumner Max Aquino
11-17-14 Football - Bellarmine Prep 20 Camas 13 Paul Caldwell
11-17-14 Football - Tumwater 42 Fife 24 Paul Caldwell
11-16-14 Football - Federal Way 23 Union 14 Greg Carbaugh
11-12-14 Football - Timberline vs. Lake Stevens Paul Caldwell
11-12-14 3A Volleyball Districts: Capital 3 North Thurston 0 Sky Robinson
11-12-14 3A Volleyball Districts: Columbia River 3 Capital 1 Sky Robinson
11-10-14 3A Volleyball Districts: Capital 3 @ Auburn Mountainview 0 Sky Robinson
11-10-14 3A Volleyball Districts: Capital 3 Hazen 0 Sky Robinson
11-10-14 College Volleyball: Highline 3 -- @ Lower Columbia 0 Sky Robinson
11-10-14 Football - Lake Stevens vs.Snohomish 09-26-14 Glen Moffitt
11-10-14 Football - Lake Stevens vs. Monroe 10-12-14 Glen Moffitt
11-10-14 Football - Lake Stevens vs. Mariner 10-17-14 Glen Moffitt
11-09-14 Football - Federal Way 46 Mariner 14 Greg Carbaugh
11-09-14 Football - Kentlake 17 Thomas Jefferson 8 Michelle Rogers
11-03-14 JV Football - Kentlake 46 Decatur 0 Michelle Rogers
11-03-14 Narrows League Volleyball Tournament Championship Sky Robinson
11-03-14 Football: @ Capital 49 Shelton 13 Sky Robinson
11-03-14 Volleyball: @ Capital 3 -- Shelton 0 Sky Robinson
11-03-14 Football - Federal Way 77 Kent-Meridian 21 Greg Carbaugh
11-03-14 Football - Kentlake 47 Decatur 24 Michelle Rogers

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